3 tips for betting on the scorer in the match

Betting on Goalscorer is very simple – if a player on whom a bet during regular time (90 minutes + setting) score at least one goal win. Do bet, however, they do not count the goals scored during a possible extension or penalty shoot-out. If you choose a player who ultimately does not start the match, s├ízkovka you return your bet. But if the board (even for only a few seconds) and score a goal, your bet will be forfeited. Overall, therefore, we can say that betting on Goalscorer is very straightforward type of bet.

It is worth noting that if the price is to the player very tall, you should check whether they will really start player in the basic configuration. If only starts on the last 5 minutes of the match, will not help you no amount of course. It is also important to distinguish betting Goalscorer (player simply has to score a goal – at any time) from betting on the first shooter (you win, you have your player to score the first goal of the match). Betting on Goalscorer generally offers better value, as we have already mentioned in the article How much value usually offer specific types of bets ?.

1) Low stakes, high return

Each tipster secretly imagines a situation in which it will have to invest a small sum, but it achieves a high return – especially if the situation does not have anything to do with the battery (type of bet). If you want to get a chance at a relatively high returns for low stakes, betting Goalscorer is very suitable for you.

If, for example, usually on a betting opportunity bets $10, for betting on Goalscorer you feel this amount proportionally divided among 3 players for example (based on your estimated chance that the player really in the game after a goal). The principle we will see in the example below:

John Smith (9.00)
Pete Brown (10.00)
Jim Jones (12.00)
We said that Smith has the greatest chance of that actually has scored, so we bet on him $3.77. Subsequently, we bet even $3.40 to $2.83 and Brown to Jones. If Smith scored, you win $33.93 (net profit of $23.93). If Brown scored, you win $34 (net profit of $24) and had scored Jones will win $33.96 (net profit of $23.96). Great is also a fact that can easily score a goal, for example, two or even all three players on which you bet. If they really scored all three of you together won $101.90 (net profit of $91.90).

2) Selection of likely candidates

It is important to keep track of players from each team and also about what role they have in the team. You should definitely need to know which players frequently kicking kicks (in situations when the gate is in range) or penalty. Such players are logically primed to have scored far more often than their teammates who do not have such a dominant role in the team.

Next, you need to know which player plays corner kicks, defenders who are high (and thus are at risk of Heading opponent before the gate) and so on. If you succeed at the outset year correctly identify a marksman, you can earn a lot of money.

3) Think “scientifically”

If it is that the player scores a goal, an odds must be 6.00 or 1.5, you must look at the whole situation of “scientific” perspective. In no event may deciding to give vent to their emotions and bet for example on your favorite players. Ask yourself whether the player scores on average once every 5 games … or if his shooting percentage better/worse.

At the same time pay attention to how many goals a player has scored in home matches, and many outdoor. Equally important is it then, against which teams scored most goals – a lot of players shoot goals against the same type of opponent, because they like the way they play. The situation is changing even it if he does not play a player who usually plays free kicks and penalty (in fact increases the chances that any dangerous free kick or a penalty will dig your chosen player).

Then always keep in mind that the bookmakers thoroughly reflect on what kind of course in the shooter list. If it needs to be an odds 30.00 or even higher, usually for a very good reason – either shooting goals very, very rarely or is that goalkeeper!