Basic types of bets

Understanding the basic types of bets for every major bookies. In this article we will explain the three basic types of bets – 1 × 2, handicap betting and total number of goals.

The basic type of bet: 1 × 2

This type of betting is the most popular. You bet that the home team win/win guests/match goes draw. As an example we show a match between Liverpool (4250) and Manchester United (1917), while the price for the tie is 3.790.

If you bet $10 to Liverpool (and one win), you win $42.50 – From this amount, but you must subtract your bet in the amount of $10. Your profit will therefore be $32.50. If MU wins or the game ends in a draw, get nothing.

Bet $10 on the draw will bring $37.90 (profit of $27.90 and original bet of $10), while bet $ 10 to win MU will bring $19.17 (profit will be $9.17).

The basic type of bet: Handicapping

This type of bet is suitable for matches where one team is a big favorite. Bookmakers are trying to balance the situation, by offering handicap. Handicap lies in the fact that one team to score is added to a certain value (typically 0.5).

E.g. Everton during the match against Manchester United a bet with a handicap of +0.5 to win Everton. If he won 2-1, lost to you, since 0.5 goals here does not change the result. But if the match ended in a draw 1-1, you win because getting disability would win Everton.

The basic type of bet: Total Goals – Under/Over

This is another popular type of bet. Punter not predict which of the teams wins, but how many goals (points) will be recorded in a given match.

Bookmakers offer UNDER and OVER bet type. Under means that the number of goals is lower than the threshold bookmaker, while over means that the number of goals to be higher than the threshold bookmaker.

E.g. Everton match against Manchester United, the limit is set at over 2.5 (with odds of 2080) or under 2.5 (odds 1909).

If you bet $10 to over 2.5 and the match ends 2-1 result (total of 3 wickets fall), you win and get $20.80 (profit will be $10.80). If you bet on under 2.5, you lost.